Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wed, Mar 5, 2008 - 12.18 mi

12.18 mi in 01:05:39 hours at 11.13 mi/h on Specialized Sequoia Elite.

This will probably the last ride before going to Solvang. I may take an easy ride tomorrow, but I doubt it. I wanted to do some hill reps today so I came home and did 3 loops around the Home Loop course (see map below). The first hill rep reminded me how much I'm NOT Alberto Contador. As a matter of fact, The Girl is probably carrying the weight of three Albertos with about a tenth of his ability. It also reminded me how much I need to do more hill reps as part of my regular rides. I've been sticking to the flats of the Silver Strand ride.

In any case after stopping to catch my breath before finishing the first rep, I reminded myself of riding within myself. The next two loops were relatively easy. Perhaps I could push it a bit more, but for the ride in Solvang this Saturday, I want to take advantage of the flats, and just get over the one or two larger climbs. :)
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