Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ride Plan for the week of March 16

Coach Sean’s plan for the week:

Mon: Off Day (I actually did a recovery ride Monday)

Tues: Turned out to be a day off

Wed: A 20-30 minute TT in zones 4 or 5 with a slightly bigger gear than normal.

Thur: Ride in 1-2 zone, mostly 1 zone. Flat course. Low effort--light on pedals.

Fri: Hilly ride long and short hills. Attack short hills. Strong on long hills but no popping.

Normally, Saturday and Sunday are long rides, however my duties as a California Teachers Association State Delegate will prevent me from riding this weekend. On weekends when I have CTA State Council or other conferences, I try to do at least a short ride on a hotel lifecycle.

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