Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's make a difference!

Enjoy your morning 
cup a little more!

For most of us a bicycle is a child's toy, equipment for our sport. For many around the world, a bicycle is a tool that vastly improves their lives. In order to help those less fortunate than us I'm bringing together two of my favorite things: cycling and coffee.

For the next 
2 weeks, when you purchase 53x11 Coffee through Tour de Bike, profits will be donated to World Bicycle Relief. This is an amazing organization that provides bicycles in Zambia, changing people's lives.

Will you help?

Purchase your next bag of coffee here!

Remember, only by purchasing 53x11Coffee from THIS site, will you be contributing to this great organization. Not only will you be making the world a little better, you will also enjoy great fair trade certified organic coffee at the same time. Click on any 53x11Coffee banner on this site.

Next time you enjoy your morning cup, you can 
feel good and do good.



What's the impact of a bicycle?

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