Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Losing Lance 2.0: Week 6 done . . . barely!

Let's get the official weigh in out of the way. For week 6 on the program I lost 2.5 lb. I'm down 48.5 lb. total from my starting weight, and am now at 296.  I know, the numbers are great, especially for only being on the program for 6 weeks. However this was my first truly difficult week.

I'm hoping the difficulty lies in the fact that I was in Des Moines for a wedding. We spent a lot of time visiting with Molly's relatives, and as these things go, we went from food-fest to food-fest. All the while, I was carrying my Clean Bottle and my Optifast packets, along with diet Sunkist soda in the trunk of the rental car.

I handled all of the pre-wedding events and the wedding itself really well. It was on the last couple of days that I was really tempted and had to muster some flagging will power. So on the last day I ended up partaking of a single cheese stick and sone marinara sauce; my first piece of solid food in 6 weeks. In retrospect a horrible choice. Don't get me wrong, the cheese stick was really good! However giving in to a fried food wasn't a great choice. It made me think of how difficult it will be to change old eating habits in the future. Yet, I think it was at the very end of a long four days of food temptations so, I'll be kind to myself.

As I write this, after spending less then a day at home, I'm on a plane to Sacramento for a meeting of the California Teachers Association's ABC Committee. I enjoy the work we do providing local unions with funds for their local school board elections. But food is always abundant at CTA events. So I'm gathering some will power and looking forward to getting home and jumping on my bike this weekend. Hopefully the cold I caught in Iowa won't get in the way.

Ride On!

Starting weight: 344
Current t weight: 296
Weight Loss to date: 48.5

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  1. good job dude. keep it up.
    Robert Bonilla