Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My 2008 Season

Well, as the Tour of California has gotten underway, I've made some decisions of what rides I'm participating in this year. Here is the schedule of events:

1. Solvang Half Century - March 9 (50 miles)
2. Tour of the Tucson Mountains - April 27 (70 miles)
3. Pedal to the Park bike ride - May 25 (25 miles)
4. Rosarito-Ensenada Fun Ride - September 27 (50 miles)
5. El Tour de Tucson - November 22 (80 or 109 miles)

I've been wanting to do the Solvang ride since I lived in the area back in the mid-90s. This is when I started riding too. It's a beautiful ride in a beautiful area. So much so that the Tour of California is holding a time trial around Solvang again this year. My goal is to do the Solvang Century next year.

The April ride is a recent decision. Originally the April ride was going to be the Spring version of the Rosarito-Ensenada Bike ride. But I decided to stretch a bit and go back to Arizona for the Tour of the Tucson Mountains. It's put on by Perimiter Bicycling, the same organization that puts on the Tour de Tucson.

The third ride I almost hesitate to list as an event, but it seems like fun. It's the Pedeal to the Park bike ride in San Diego. You can do a 10, 25 or 40 mile ride, ending at Petco Park and a Sunday Baseball Game. Fun Concept.

The last two rides I'm planning on are the same rides I did last year. Rosarito-Ensenada in the Fall and El Tour de Tucson in November. The big difference is that, at least at this point. I'm seriously thinking of doing the complete El Tour, 109 miles. Last year I did the 66 mile ride and wasn't too crazy about my results. This year I'm hoping to be better prepared and ready for the

So these are my markers for this year!

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