Saturday, February 7, 2009

My 2009 Goals

Looking back at 2008 I can say that it was a very good year for me in many respects. This was certainly true on the bike. For the first time I rode the Rosarito-Ensenada fun ride from start to finish without getting off to walk over the big climb of “El Tigre.” I rode the longest ride I’ve ever done (80 miles) at the El Tour de Tucson in November. And I rode more miles in one year than I had ever ridden before (2,242 miles). I began working with coach Sean Burke, in August, about a month or so before Rosarito-Ensenada. Much of the strength and success I experienced in my last two rides of the year are due to my work with him. Overall last year was a great success. But there is room for a lot of improvement.

So 2009 is going to be the year that I reach some important health goal:
  1. I will lose 50 to 75 lbs by El Tour de Tucson (Nov. 2009)
  2. I will ride at least 3,000 miles for 2009.
  3. I will complete my first Century.
  4. I will ride a full El Tour (109 miles)

In many respects the cycling goals are the easy part. The weight loss has proven to be more of a challenge. My plan to accomplish the weight loss is to be much more strict with myself in following the Weight Watchers program. I will continue to work with Sean, he has helped me become stronger, has shown me how to work on my weaknesses and his encouragement and support have been priceless. And to add a level of accountability, I will be posting weight loss results here. So check back and see how things are going.

Which leads me to another goal, that’s only tangentially related to my goals. I want to Tour de Bike, to be more than just a training log. I want to share information about what’s working for me, what’s not, but also, all things cycling related, from pro-races to reviewing events, equipment, etc. So, stay tuned!

For the next year some of the events that I will be participating are the following. I can tell you that the first 3 I’m already registered for. Organizers of the Rosarito-Ensenada ride had announed that the event would be cancelled. as of this writing it's back on the calendar! For me it means that I may not do the Amtrak Century, but for now I've listed it as tentative.

2009 Events Schedule:

I’m excited for 2009, I’m looking forward to the Tour de Palm Springs next week. I'll be doing the 55 mile ride. It's the first time I've entered that event. Molly and I will be spending Valentine’s Day on the bike. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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