Monday, April 6, 2009

Theme of the Weekend...Climbing

Usually on weekends Coach Sean gives me a goal consisting of saddle time. For this past weekend the order was simple:
Accumulate 4-5 hours of riding this weekend. Divide up the days however you want, but be sure to get in the time. Make one day hilly, the other day flat.

On my last post I wrote about my leg busting Saturday ride. Sunday was supposed to be an easy 2 hour relatively flat ride. Well, Molly wakes up wanting to go for a ride. There is this 3.5 mile loop close to our house that I do when I want to do some long and short hill reps. We did four laps. By the end of the ride, my legs were like spaghetti. I think next time Molly says "lets go for a ride," I'm using the coach's orders as an excuse to not go. In reality the ride was a lot of fun, tough, but fun. I enjoy when we get a chance to ride together.

Climbing was such a part of the cycling weekend that I even got into a conversation about it with a Twitter friend, Darby Collier. It just so happened that he did some climbing on Saturday as well, and his experience prompted him to post a pretty interesting article on the subject on his blog, Darby's Ride. It's titled 5 ways to Improve Climbing. It's great for those of you who might be starting out in cycling or just want a refresher. Check it out!

Ride on!

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